Tatsu Do Martial Arts - Sunrise Dojo
Soke Cavalier and his Junior Students

Karate Class, performing group Karate exercises

Renshi Merica, performing self defense, take-down and arm/elbow lock Renshi Merica, demonstrating immobilizing ground technique after take-down Students practicing Juji Gatame, Cross Armlock used to immobilize attacker
Renshi Merica teaching use of backfist for self defense. Groin kick off double lapel grab Renshi Merica teaching roundhouse kick
Shihan Swede and Renshi Merica working Kobudo -- Bo staff against Kama
Shihan Swede working with live Katana. (Iai Jutsu is taught as a separate art) Renshi Merica demonstrating the use of traditional Okinawan weapons - Kama. Kamas are razor-sharp, oroginally used for harvesting rice.
Shihan Swede demonstrating Aiki Jutsu neck-lock Renshi Merica demonstrating Ju Jutsu throw - Seoi Nage, Shoulder Throw Renshi Merica demonstrating atemi (striking) follow-up after throw or take-down
Students practicing self-defense: Hadaka Jime strangle from punch-attack. Shihan Swede, using Kama against a long club attack Soke William R. Cavalier, Jr. - teaching a self-defense clinic at Leroy Karate Center
Group Photo, following a self-defense clinic at Leroy Karate Center
Young students learning wrist lock basics Soke William R. Cavalier, Jr. - founder of Tatsu Do Karate. Soke Cavalier teaches Karate, Aikijutsu and Weapons Clinics. He is usually present during all black belt tests. Shihan Swede and Renshi Merica, head instructors at Leroy Karate & Self-Defense Center

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