Tatsu Do Martial Arts - Sunrise Dojo
Soke Cavalier and his Junior Students
TATSU DO IAI JUTSU Kumitachi training includes 15 Kumitachi sets, developed by SOKE CAVALIER. The first 2 have moves that are very similar for both the attacker and the defender. The remaining 13 have completely different set of moves and are quite a challenge top learn. It is like learning 28 different sword kata, but with someone attacking you. These videos are done at full speed. If you miss a block, you will know...

Performing in the videos are Hanshi Tomas Roztocil, 8th Dan in Karate, Senior Master rank in Iai Jutsu and Sensei Emily Milgate, 2nd Dan in Karate and 1st Dan in Iai Jutsu.

Kumitachi 1 Kumitachi 2 Kumitachi 3
Kumitachi 4 Kumitachi 5 Kumitachi 6
Kumitachi 7 Kumitachi 8 Kumitachi 9
Kumitachi 10 Kumitachi 11 Kumitachi 12
Kumitachi 13 Kumitachi 14 Kumitachi 15